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Building Inspector

The Building Inspector needs to be contacted, for an appointment, for any new construction.

Building Inspector: Robert Underberg

Phone: 715-281-1060

Email: [email protected]

The Township of Farmington has adopted the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code and the State of Wisconsin Commercial Building Code. These codes apply to all new construction, additions, alterations and repairs.

The State of Wisconsin adopted Act 211. Every municipality in the State of Wisconsin is required to enroll in this system.

Please read and follow instructions below:

1. Check with Waupaca County Zoning Office,715-258-6255, to determine if a Land Use Permit is required. Please note that if a Land Use Permit is required, a Building Permit cannot be issued until the Land Use Permit is acquired

2. New 1 and 2 Family Dwellings Units: In order to comply with State of Wisconsin’s 2015 Act 211 the Town of Farmington has adopted an Electronic Building Permit System. To begin the process for obtaining a building permit for New 1 and 2 Family Dwelling Units, use the following link to access the Electronic Building Permit System:

Any questions please utilize the following link:

3. Once the information has been submitted and completed using the Electronic Building Permit System, permit pullers must submit all required plans and data directly to the Town of Farmington Building Inspector. The plans, data and permit application shall be reviewed and the permit fee paid before the permit is considered an issued permit. Required plans are (SPS 320.09)

a. Erosion Control Plans

b. Heat Loss Calculations

c. Construction Plans (Foundation, Floor and Elevations)

d. Wall Bracing Plans

4. If a permit is required for other than new 1 and 2 family dwellings, you must contact the building inspector to set up an appointment to complete an application form. If the structure is a commercial building, State Approval Plans are required. Plans along with the name and license numbers of all contractors will be required. All fees shall be paid prior to issuance of the permit.