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Plan Commission

The Town of Farmington established a Town of Farmington Plan Commission July 17, 2006. Recommendation of the Plan Commission to adopt the Town of Farmington year 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted April 24, 2007.

The Plan Commission meets as needed. Members are appointed by the Town Chair. There is a seven member board consisting of two town board members and five citizens.

Members are as follows:

1. Caroline Murphy - Town Board

2. Craig Nelson - Town Board

3. Jack Fulcher - Chairperson 3 yr term (2025)

4. Phil Durrant - 3 yr term (2025)

5. Thomas Hansen - 2 yr term (2023)

6. Robert Karpinski - 2 yr term (2023)

7. Eugene Engebretsen - 1 yr term (2023)

    Kathy Kasza - Commission Secretary